The Big Bad Wolf has come to Play…

Telltale games are a game making company that focuses upon episodic gaming and digital distribution. These games all come with a similar background as they all take upon the feature of a comic book style.  Most of their games storylines originally come from the back stories of their comics. One of Telltale games most popular game was ‘The Walking Dead,’ a game centred on the apocalypse of a zombie infested world where you have to pick and choose within the game by playing the character ‘Lee Everett.’ However this is not the game that has been hitting the shelves more than its other popular release ‘The Wolf Among Us.’


‘The Wolf Among Us’ is a five episode series (At its four episode at the moment) based off the fable DC comic/vertigo book written by Bill Willingham. It is a point and click adventure game where you interact with other characters and objects. You must make choices during the gameplay in choosing left or right and good or bad that can affect the ending of the game or future episodes in later seasons.

The story unfolds in 1986, many magical and mystical lands were described in myth, legend and folk tales. These were known as the ‘Homelands’ which was occupied by an enigmatic tyrant known as the ‘Adversary.’ To escape the ‘Adversary’ army and regime many creatures, monsters and characters known as the ‘Fables’ had to flee to the mundane world. (The Normal World) They created an enclave known as ‘Fabletown’ located in Manhatten. In order for them to disguise and mask themselves from the presence of native humans known as the ‘mundies’ they must purchase an enchantment or spells known as ‘glamour’s’ to disguise themselves to appear as humans and if a creature does not obey the rule they are relocated to the rural community known as ‘The Farm.’

As the character ‘The Big Bad Wolf,’ you are the sheriff of Fabletown and your responsibility is to hide the community from the wider world and to enforce the rules in which is given. But when a sudden change is placed upon ‘Bigby’ not only is he involved but all of Fabletown. As Bigby you encounter various fairy-tale characters to accompany yourself on your journey such as Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Toad and a lot more. However this is not a happy fairy tale ending for the characters but a more vivid atmosphere of gore and bloodshed where no one is safe and has to face the consequences everyone else is placed in.

As you build and choose what to say when interacting with characters it reflects who your character will become, as ‘Bigby’ is the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ you must understand the concept of him changing into the wolf when he gets very angry and aggressive in his detective work in finding out clues and theories. This gives the game a more sense of emotion and connection towards its player and the game which leads you off putting and edgy. An example of this is when the episodes are released over a long period of time.

In conclusion the game is leading to a very high point which I believe is making it sky rocket in popularity and making it into a very well developed game.


Wild Star will be a Star!

Wild Star is a MMORG game, ‘massively multiplayer online role-play game’ that brings an entirely new world to life through your computer. It centres on the planet Nexus, who was inhabited by the Eldan who disappeared over time yet still holds secrets and adventures for new explorers. But which fraction will you choose?

The Exiles are an alliance of refugees, outlaws and mercenaries who have come to the planet Nexus to find a new home. The four different characters you can choose from are:
-Humans, an outcast race that always put up a fight when challenged.
-Granok, big and touch creatures made of stone who fear no one.
-Aurin, are small environmentally friendly creatures that protect their land as they were forest dwellers whose home world was ravaged by the Dominion.
-Moredesh, intelligent robotic aliens cursed by a degenerative disease after delving into forbidden secrets of alchemy, now they only want to find a cure.

The Dominion is a powerful empire founded by the Eldan that claimed Nexus as its legacy. The different characters you can choose from are:
-Classian, who is wealthy superior leaders that were chosen by the Eldan to establish the Dominion.
-Merchari, a genius with no remorse as engineered by the Eldan, they are classified as killing machines to eliminate traitors and spies in Nexus.
-Draken, are savage beasts who are brutal as they forge and savage home worlds.
-Chua, tiny creatures that are psychotic and mischievous inventors who develop highly advanced weapons and technologies used for the Dominion.

Through these characters you can choose various classes such as Warrior, Spellslinger, Esper, Engineer, Stalker and Medic.
-Warrior can carry a power sword and arm cannon with brute force to take down enemies.
-Spellslinger uses their pistols, sigils and agility to outrun their opponents.
-Esper uses psychic abilities to charge up their psyblades.
-The Engineer has launchers, bots and even an exo-suit.
-The Stalker uses its claws, devices and nano-skin to assassination there enemy in combat.
-Medic uses resonators, auras and probes to deal and heal damage from other players.

It than comes down to which path the adventurer would want. As an Explorer you must travel the wildness and discover what is unknown of this new world. You can access secrets and uncover hidden relics as well as vistas. As a Soldier you kill your enemies and conquer what is yours. You forge and slaughter to capture whatever you want. The settler must tame the land and expand influence through the wilderness; this is by building battle areas, hospitals, taverns and houses for your buddies. Lastly the scientist, studies the world to unlock secrets.

You can even build and create your own home by customisations. You can create the world and place that you want. And the combat is as simple as ‘Ready, Aim, Shoot!’  Lastly you have various PVE or player vs environment choices to choose from. These are Quests, path missions, challenges, public events, shiphand missions, adventures, Dungeons and raids.

Wildstar is aimed to be one hell of a game that will make all your friends come join. A game of humour and adventure is the best. It will be coming out on the 31st of this month. So look out.

Infamous Second Son hits it Big!

Seven years after the game storyline in ‘Infamous 2,’ came a small group of humans called ‘Conduits.’ (Bio-terrorists) These Bio-terrorists were hunted and feared by everyone for each individual owned a certain power and ability to manipulate or even weaponize a form of matter.  The Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P) looked to capture the ‘Conduits’ and shortly later they did and kept them locked away from everyone. The Military than stepped in and took control over the prisoners.

During their first travel with the bio-terrorists, they were been taken to Curdan Cay station, a prison located just outside Seattle. However an unexpected turn of events unfolds to encounter a young man by the name of Delsin Rowe.

The main character, Delsin Rowe who is voiced by Troy Baker is a rebellious young adult who is always reckless and has a sour attitude. A difference that is easily depicted within the game ‘Infamous Second Son’ is the in depth storyline given to Delsin. The creators, Sucker Punch have really pushed themselves with more than just the storyline, even their game pushed the boundary of being rated from 8/10 to now 9.2/10. It’s due to its shear texture of the lighting effects of fluoro colours between the different powers to the amount of beauty given into the background display. The sense of detail is spot on, as every little part makes the game look entirely more realistic. Though another change from the past games was the combat methods, you now have an endless amount of moves to choose from.

The story unfolds with Delsin Rowe when met by an oncoming military vehicle that crashed when he was arguing with his older brother and police officer Reggie. Delsin jumped into the action and helped a person stuck. This person was one of the prisoners. Once Delsin helped the man up, the man looked at Delsin’s brother and grabbed hold of Delsin for protection as he was in fear. Reggie pulled out his gun and pointed at the man and just as Delsin feared for his brother’s life he grabbed hold of the man’s hand and suddenly consumed a new power as well as a glimpse into the man’s history.

Brooke Augustine, aimed to be one of the main antagonists, makes an offer with Delsin to help her find the other escaped Conduits even though she too is one herself who has the control of stone matter. Delsin must destroy or capture the other Conduits, and by doing this he will consume their powers and history. As Brooke fears that the Conduits will activate themselves and become insane creating habit within the town.

Infamous Second Son was a game aimed for the next generation console Playstation 4. You can tell by key features why the game was aimed that way through the interaction and well-presented graphics that really gave a sense of a realistic world. The game occasionally uses motion control as well as the simple style played upon the activities of jumping, gliding, climbing from building to building.  As Delsin goes through each Conduit he becomes stronger, faster, and more powerful with every ability however the choosing which choices you pick and events unfold can change the ending or abilities you may want from evil to good. This action can impact the player even in advancing their skills. You must choose whether you are a Hero or a Villain?

The Player vs The Person

2011, The Battle of the Sexes, value of buying more games, Pocket Gamer , viewed 14th May 2014,

People that play online games are not always who they say they are or act the way they would normally. It is the perspective that by sitting on a computer, anonymous and with no true hint of who they are is what makes them lead entirely different lives.  This act and attitude is normally seen online known as ‘Trolls.’ They are anonymous people who join or interrupt certain groups to cause disruption or become very rude towards people’s opinions especially to that of the women.

Women in the gaming world of online games are always targeted by the male persona’s as they are seen as easy targets to sexually abuse and verbally abuse etc. Many females are targeted by this as the gaming industry is owned by males, so it leads to a male background where females are meant to be doing the womanly role of cleaning and cooking. However due to the change in roles of women and how much control they have now, make them challenge themselves. It places the question…

“When did faceless men decide it was acceptable to take it upon themselves and threaten women online with death threats, rape threats, violence and sexism?”- Karalee Evans

< >
Who is a Gamer?, Female and Male players, Technology Use and Abuse, viewed 15th May 2014,

It is a proven point because once women speak the threat begins without giving them a chance. Women need to challenge this behaviour to the more dominant males which are shown in the quote…

‘”I believe the time for silence is over,”‘-Laurie Penny

2014, The Confidence Gap, The difference between males and females, The Atlantic, viewed 15th May 2014,

This quote is aimed at Laurie Penny’s life that has been impacted by trolls of misogynist men however links to the impact upon women’s values being seen in society which is misleading and incorrect to only be for a male persona.

This strand between the real people and the fake is so different that it can never be seen to connect who is who. That is why it is not only targeted in the gaming area but also social media platforms containing personal information or photos that can be leaked.

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Do I just Click or Do I Act?

The year 2014 has the internet and social media’s control of the entire world’s views. Social media is what everyone strives to know and learn from daily. Such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter replay and re-tweet relevant news in our everyday lives. In what way we take that action or attitude and display it through these platforms is up to the consumers themselves. However, is it right for us to just re-tweet an illness we are trying to be aware of in the world and engage those to help share and post even if that only passes around a picture rather than money or should we take charge and roam the streets longing for answers and people to get involved?

Examples of Awareness campaigns are such as Kony, #BringBackOurGirls and #NoMakeUpSelfie. These small campaigns that grew large through a number of shares and posts  reached worldwide as it was not only a community helping but people from across the globe over the internet clicking to view or like a video or picture and even pass it on. This action is both negative and a positive. It is negative by that of the values and beliefs we as independent people strived to go out and push movements rather than just clicking a button that would not really do much besides acknowledging the awareness.  This is where the term ‘Slacktivism’ originates from as the population become lazy.

Al Jazeera spoke with Henry Giroux in an interview about his beliefs on the youth and where they are heading through movements. “These kids are generally voiceless, and because they’re voiceless, they’re powerless.” He states movements as positives and concludes how powerfully constructed they are to the youth society in giving ones voice while this connects to people who just click being still classified as the voiceless people.

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Watch Dogs is getting its Audience…

Ubisoft came out last year with a new game called ‘Watch Dogs.’ After all the time of anticipation and longing to know what is next, Ubisoft are finally pulling out the big guns. After two years of struggle and pushing back and forth release dates they have planted and successfully adapted their story and multi-player for its users.

‘Watch Dogs’ is centred in the virtual city of Chicago, with the modern day era seems to stick due to the technology adoption of laptops and smart phones being clung to peoples sides everywhere they go. The game is a 3rd person over the shoulder view as well as a first person shooter. The game centres around ‘Hackers,’ the most common enemy of any technology device, where everyone is not trusted.

The quality of the graphics in the game make it more suitable for Playstation but it will be sold on Xbox One and 360, Playstation 4 and Pc. The characters are very detailed to every bump and cut. And slowly we begin to learn our characters behaviours and attitude. The Character seems to keep a lot of built up anger and vengeance towards anyone with a record which leads him to be a common Hero. He is silent, has quick abilities, as well as his capabilities of hacking through environments.

On the 8th of May the new character list was revealed for the upcoming game. You get to connect to who is on your team or who you should trust. Clara Lille is a hacker, tattoo Artist (Blankly seen by her Tattoos and piercings) and was suspected for DedSec Hacktivist. Our character tells of her being the ‘Best of the Best’ yet very dangerous on the wrong side. “T-Bone” Grady is wanted for Civil Disobedj, classified as a ‘Genius’ who plays with Fire and Action and even comes across as a Hill billy Gun Man. Jordi Chin is a  silent yet Smart individual with the perspective to own lots of money and class by the clothes he was wearing. It is told that he ‘would do anything for a price.’ Yet he also seems to play himself as a comedian. Anthony “Iraq” Wade is a Former Army Signal Specialist with very good military strategy in combat. Dermot “Lucky” Quinn is accused of multiple felony charges, an old man who is wise and powerful. All characters seem to play a major role but how they develop in the story we can never know.

The multi-player walk through was only released on the 9th of May. It does not show the complete capability of what is to be expected from the multi-player but the basics.  It seems to cross with a bit of the design made in the common game ‘Assassin’s Creed’ with the Animus. How the multi-player seems to play out is the fact that you can interact with anyone and everyone by the hacking capabilities even by hacking into various things and levelling up your skill process.

Watch Dogs will be coming out May 27th, Keep an Eye out!

Is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a Plus? Or not?

The new ‘Call of Duty’ trailer for ‘Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’  has been out for a week and still has gather as much commotion and debate on what is to come. However the views and speculations have been heavily placed on the new game as it is not entirely made from one of the commonly known two groups Infinity Ward and Treyarch. It is no other than the people who created the most commonly known horror, first person shooter ‘Dead Space’ Sledgehammer. Key features of the development of the game from the creators Sledgehammer have played a three year focus and concentration on the new ‘Call of Duty’ Game. The Gaming company of Sledgehammer has placed upon their shoulders a massive amount of stress and approval to be made from their new audience in next gen consoles.

The ‘Call of Duty’ Games is solely based on their multi-player while a little on their story and what happened with ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts,’ seemed to have not struct the right blow as they wanted. They focused too much on quality of effects, graphic designs in detail and environment connection, This is not the way it should have gone! They put focus upon in their old trailer animals moving,the environments connection to the battle scene or by how your character will react within the environment even by the dog companion which many seemed very unhappy and annoyed with.

At times it seemed as if their most common enemy that they face is getting the better of them. Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 is a game based on equality as well as a nice background that stabilises with the interaction that the players have when fighting. You would be fighting with a fellow player on different positions shooting at walls on each other as you hide but suddenly that wall could break etc. There is no true answer to which game is better though.

This goes back to the new game. People are already speculating and deciding whether it is good or not. E.g. ^^

The game is centred in 2054, where you are placed in a new area filled with more futuristic and fascinating to explore and use. It seems to relate a remix between Black Ops 2 and Titan Fall. In the trailer you  can see and connect the future basics by the vehicles they used such as the Hover Bikes, Space Ships, and Hover Tanks. This makes it more interesting and intriguing for its players to connect to the story.  But it is not only the fascination with the environment to take in but the Exosuits.

The Exosuits are going to place a major part on their players. How they use it however is entirely up to them and with no leaks or pin points besides a brilliant storyline to unfold we do not know how this will effect the multi-player features. What we are given in the trailer is  the obvious features of  being able to jump higher, run faster, hover, cloak and climb with magnet gloves. What is given is that you are Private Mitchell a US Marine, voiced by Troy Baker.

The background into the story behind it all seems to be that the private military Companies have waged war upon each other as this puts in the well known actor ‘Kevin Spacey.‘ Known for being in such movies as ‘Horrible Bosses’ or the show ‘House of Cards,’ Kevin Spacey plays as maybe that of a lead ally or Villain in his politics or corporation scheme as the character yet players are beginning to find connections to the show and the game.  No later leaks has spoken about his role as this character or further work.

As of a week, it has been talked about over and over. Once further leaks and statements have been made for the game, will finally shed light on all key features in the game.