Xbox Produsage

Bruns (2007) describe the 4 major key characteristics of produsage:

Organisational Shift:  Producers of Individuals to wide community placing content.
– The Xbox community has a major fan base of players all over the world. It is a machine ‘made for Gamers by Gamers.’ Xbox is more powerful than its users as it controls what they see within the content of games, places the content and add ons to the Xbox. However this does not entitles the verbal content made from multiplayer chat systems.

Fluid Movement: Role from Leader to participants and users of content.
-Xbox is created for the Community of Players it targets.  It is a console ‘made by Gamers for Gamers’ which stabilises the role between Xbox and Player. However this is not entirely true as Xbox never gives full power to their players to place content on Xbox systems. Xbox only gives power to the distributors who place games on their consoles with the content they choose. This all comes back to Xbox’s power over all its relationships with gamers and distributors as it always has the last say for its content.

Unfinished: Never fully finished and always improving.
– The Xbox machine is always being recreated into bigger and better machines to provide ‘entertainment’ for ‘all audiences.’ However the Xbox one being a finished product it must continuously be updated, have add ons and new objects for its players to continue to play multiplayer or solo games. These add ons and updates keep the players motivated and edger to buy or wait for improvement to test for themselves.

Permissive: Refers to the content being continuously improving while copyright laws prohibit unauthorised commercial use displays.
-Xbox has rules and regulations that must be abided by however improvement to the content is always continued through updates and add ons rather than content from its players due to its closed software.

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