Well… This is Goodbye… Reflection

During BCM110 blogs there has been a number of issues and subjects that have been debated and changed my way of thinking. I have seen various Blogs which show so many different perspectives to my own that it is quite fascinating that a question can be answered in numerous ways. These are some of the subjects we discussed about:
Denotation and Connotation 
– Children’s Influence 
-Moral Panic
– Public Sphere 
– Mass Media 

Denotation and Connotation was one of my favourites as it brought out a creative side of me where we looked at an image and saw it for what it was then ventured deeper into another meaning of what truly was being put across. This image of ‘Signified’ and ‘Signifier.’ I found through this work by picking up various magazines and going on adventures through the internet that vast amounts of pictures how very different meanings instead of what was actually seen.

Image: Denotation and Connotation

Children’s influences on society. A lot of the media’s development and technology is further looking for ways to keep the younger and more fragile minds away from the internet in order to see nothing too harsh or very wrong. Though the advancement of technology is never ending. The future is ahead of us and society is taking to long to adapt. Children being younger minds and easier to manipulate or react to new things take on this approach leading to a Moral panic for society to cling on to these children to help or prevent any risks from under going.

Image: Children and the Internet

The Public sphere was also an amazing discussion about what shows were really attracting their audience and what they wanted them to view. It seemed at times that reality shows or popular shows had a message behind them all. Some shows portraying news and politics within an animation back ground while others on how they treated their contestants gave them greater power. Such examples can be American Dad and Big Brother.

Image: American Dad

Finally the major view that changed my perspective of the internet and social media is who truly controlled the Mass Media. Originally I didn’t think the number of most popular websites and such could be only a majority of six individuals who bought out these companies. As I only use YouTube and Facebook.  I found that by researching and finding out why we needed to know who controlled the Mass Media was because of their influence and their message they all portray.

Image: Control over Media

Further more I wanted to leave with this Reflection that not only was the subjects and issued faced were interesting but as well as viewing and meeting new peoples blogs which made this experience more outstanding.

Scott Troyer, 2011, Denotation vs Connotation, viewed 14 April 2014 <http://scotttroyer.com/2011/07/denotation-vs-connotation/ >

Natasha Bita, 2013, National Social Editor, Senate considering legislation to make lies about age on children’s internet chat rooms an offence, viewed 14 April 2014 <http://www.news.com.au/national/senate-considering-legislation-to-make-lies-about-age-on-childrens-internet-chat-rooms-an-offence/story-fncynjr2-1226648602660 >

Mallteliti, 2011, American Dad roger funny, viewed 14 April 2014 <http://redmallteliti.blogspot.com.au/2011/06/american-dad-roger-funny.html >

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