It is Coming…

If you viewed the clip fully, you would see what is coming for Window Phones. I have stated the new software for the Windows Phone to be brought out slowly and seeing this makes me wonder how close till it will be. Relevant news has come out that the update will slowly work its way through the Windows phones though this will take a period of two to three months.  Get your phone ready for the new experience while I keep you posted.

From the creators of the all famous horror game ‘Amnesia’ comes a new revolution of horror in their upcoming game, ‘Soma. ’ You play as a man named Simon who seems to have found himself in an abandoned Science Facility in which he has no recollection from. It is a survival horror that is very similar to ‘Amnesia’ yet with little hints that take you elsewhere.
You can choose and walk through the story by understanding and finding clues to the storyline rather than just wondering endlessly with just wanting to complete without understanding. It is a game where you must interact with its environment to develop a path. Little clues and hints are placed throughout the game to reveal story and glimpse of characters. Some may even show background to your character and where you are to be revealed slowly yet this sudden sense of horror does not seen to be quite out there. It seems to be lighter rather than continuous jump scares.

The sense to detail is made with the features, textures and animations as well as the voice acting being spot on. It intrigues and connects the player to its characters emotions.  Even the animation gives you chills at times when you view bodies hooked up to machines with a glimmer of hope with booming life but rather an electric bolt surging through their body.

The environment is very different to what you would have expected. It is not in space, nor on land but in the sea. This is why a lot of people viewed this perspective to be like the common world known from the game, ‘Bioshock’ centred in Rapture. However the story goes into depth, you can travel under water to vast locations and better understandings. The atmosphere of the darkness while sudden twitches of sounds makes you nervous.

I think the new approach that the creators have taken will make the audience grow with enthusiasm and impatience as it will be a hit game for PS4 and PC.



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