Lose it or Go Home

Image: America’s Next Top Model


America’s Next Top Model, is a very popular fashion/reality show that has been around since 2003. It is a competition for women looking for a career within the modelling industries and seen as supermodel of America. How the show comes together is individuals come for auditions in order to be placed in the final group to further compete against each other. The judges critique contestant’s progress. During its amount of time the show has been through a range of stereotypes to reach out to different audiences to higher their views.

How a woman is viewed is a very common question for people that direct it at magazines and modelling industries as they tend to portray a specific woman with certain body features to be acknowledged as a supermodel rather than her personality. This has always been questioned and debated by many females. A view of a woman being skinny or slim infuriated women to not want to see this view in the public’s eye to influence teens or children. A good strategy is how ‘America’s next top Model’ took this question towards their ‘cycles’ and changed up themes and stereotypes to make it more equal as well as create a bigger audience.

Image: Too Skinny

Weight is always viewed critical for a modelling career as the contestant needs to have a good body rather than an intelligent mind. A lot of issues have been brought up about this when questioning a woman’s body. The way modelling industries come across is that they starve people in order to become the individual they need to be even when the show does not look at individuals who suffer from Bulimia or Anorexia but if they did acknowledge it, it would only be for views which offends viewers.

How the show promotes more views for a vast audience is to achieve a need for various activities to strike peoples interest. Being that this show is a reality show they take that advantage and use it on their contestants, their emotions, their background, fights, and attitudes that they find within these people in the audition’s to place in the show to make it more interesting. A lot of viewers indeed like this and it attracts them but this is an issue with how the show operates for its contestants. They do activities and place their contestants at risk which sometimes can lead them over the edge without thinking and just only be doing it for the show.

These issues and views contribute to debates and discussion made to look at the perspectives within the public sphere as it is a mediated public sphere that is controlled and focused upon key areas of the show in order to pin point only what the audience wants rather than the contestants.

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2 thoughts on “Lose it or Go Home

  1. declanarrighi

    I thought this post was quite good, you raised some really important points about the subjective world of modelling and its harmful effects! However because you blog so often I did have trouble determining whether this was a BCM110 post or not, so maybe some tags would be helpful for other viewers? Overall though, nice job – well done!

  2. yes I agree with this 100% modelling can definately have harmful effects on people and I think you have some very interesting facts. You could also mention the effects it has for male models as well but I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

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