The Xbox Army


The original Xbox was made for gamers by gamers. It focused on the games rather than the media sense it was going to become. This is when the audience grew to teens, children and families due to development and evolution to the console by converging.

The internet was Xbox’s key to success as the access to various media made it converge with other devices. You can download games, music, movies, even short cuts to show on your menu of your account of relevant news or articles or add ons such as YouTube.  Through this access to various websites and information comes with rights and policy’s for all players to abide by. The Three agreements ‘Terms of use,’  ‘Service Agreement’ and ‘Code of Conduct’ come together to help the safety and security of the players account especially that of a child’s account. Where young children playing on the console are kept controlled on their views and access to various websites with controlled multiplayer connections to prevent them from foul behaviour or conflict.

Xbox is a society grown over time to debate and discuss opinions towards the media, news and games etc. This fan base is as if an army who argues the most common question against the other most popular gaming console PlayStation 4 on which is better. This relationship between Xbox and its users shows simply the vast amount of fan base it has towards the machine and its use in society. Reflecting that of consumers and their producer.
tumblr_n35cb1vtdX1qdqlkxo1_500The Xbox One is a successful model of technology that has evolved. The add on to the Xbox One which gave it more success is the Kinect features. The Kinect helped the machine become more realistic without any controllers but your voice and movement. It would follow spoken commands, hand gestures and Skype abilities.

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