The Xbox is Evolving

‘The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence’ by Jenkins (2004) supplies the understanding of the thought and perspective of different people’s opinions of what they believe is by the technology being developed and combined with society. It is the machine that converges various devices into one that also ‘alters the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences.’ (Jenkins, 2004, pg 34)

original– Evolving –
The Xbox one has a continuous view of adapting to new technology and adding in various devices into a single machine. ‘Consolidation.’ (Jenkins, 2004, pg 34) This gives a negative perspective to worry what technology would bring such as ‘our bonds to the extended and even the nuclear family are disintegrating.’  (Jenkins, 2004, pg 35) This view is contrasted by the aspect of where Xbox is heading to as stated “All in one entertainment system built for the family.” But also that the view of technology advancing too much for society to adapt to leading people to cling onto these new technologies for social purposes rather than the old ways of communication.

-The converging of Devices-
Convergence…represents a reconfiguration of media power and a reshaping of media aesthetics and economics.’ (Jenkins,2004, pg 35) Xbox one is a converging machine that has taken devices and added downloadable content to help establish more access and capability to use the internet for further purposes other than just gaming such as movies, music and social media etc. The continuous idea of ‘An all in one system’ is slowly developing and creating this machine built for all purposes and even news related.

The Media Aesthetics of Xbox is the control they have over their players by the amount of advertisement and influence they give to their players to want to buy games and products. Such as the Online system where you have to buy your online membership to continue to play online and get free gold membership games.

Jenkins, Henry, 2004, The cultural logic of media convergence, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Volume 7 (1): 33-43 < >


One thought on “The Xbox is Evolving

  1. you have really tied in your convergent media platform. the Xbox is a very interesting choice because it is constantly changing, but it never seems to be as popular as it was. the all in one idea is evident though, because of its connection to the internet

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