Burial At Sea… A Beautiful Ending


I recently completed the last instalment to the Bioshock Franchise DLC ‘Burial at Sea episode 2.’ Please do not read further due to spoilers that may be leaked.

If you have played any of the Bioshock games released from the following years, you would understand the concept and background that familiarized with the creators view. They contrast the development and fundamental perspectives of a complex story into a genre of blood splattering gore and curious mystery. Though a difference between this and Bioshock: Infinite is a basic fact that a lot of ammo you can not find any more, you have to take what your given or spend all your money. Even the gameplay is orientated around the stealth perspective because Elizabeth is not like any other main character before where they were strong and easier to fight back. All she has is a crossbow and the hook which she uses to knock people out. I even enjoyed the concept of stealth where glass shattered over the floor crackles or puddles of water when you step in it alerts your enemy. Also as people would know Elizabeth did the pick locking in Bioshock: Infinite, being that you are her character you get to see a lot more engineering views even the locking systems and how you click the right time to unlock the doors.

The game is con-centred around an atmosphere never seen before in a Bioshock game where the textures are quite bright, the layering of colours and the beauty developed in its detail makes it astonishing. Your character is not of Booker Dewitt from Bioshock: Infinite but another character from it Elizabeth which is interesting concept of change from the games as the perspective of a female character. You begin with a sense of bitter happiness. The sound of a woman’s soft tender voice echo’s through the breeze and gives this mellow tone of a lullaby to easy yourself into the game play. Your character is in the streets of Paris, which is iconic because Elizabeth always wanted to go to Paris from the last game but also questionable due to what happened in episode one of ‘Burial at Sea’ as her hard headed and strong perspective of things seems to contrast with this light and glossy view of a safe haven. This also can play on the players mind as it is confusing to see what happened in the ending of episode 1 as a cliff hanger to a drastic and unusual location other then Rapture.

As quickly as things begun, it ended so quick. You venture through the town with light and utter ease. You form a connection with the people which creates this sudden unease about the situation because they all know you by your name. Whilst you venture through the town you find a young girl who turns out to be ‘Sally,’ who relates to the first episode by her connection to Booker. The atmosphere and scenery changes instantly, the bright colours are now darkened and shadows cover the land. Blood, fire and darkness is all you see and makes you jump a little. That is when Paris is no more but a thought in her mind and your actually in Rapture, confused and hurt you stumble upon focus and slowly everything begins to happen.

Elizabeth finds out various information as she wonders the halls of Rapture. She finds that the Big Daddy who protected ‘Sally’ and killed Booker actual killed Elizabeth as well. You see by stumbling upon her body, a corpse lifeless with blood gushing that bring amazing detail. But she did not find her body on her own but rather from Booker Dewitt. Yes, Booker is dead but Elizabeth can still hear him. This view can be seen differently as maybe Booker is in another reality altogether helping Elizabeth or maybe even stuck in the dimensions with only the need to help Elizabeth get out. Booker helps to guide and help Elizabeth in whatever way he can. By Booker, Elizabeth learns that due to her death she is another form of herself but with no powers and even her pinky back. Her only goal and view is to get Sally and get out of Rapture.

But it seems not without a fight. Connection and relationships form with two very familiar faces. If you have played Bioshock 1 you would know the two major enemies. Atlos and Ryan. Two major names that over lap with the game. Atlos cheeky and yet intelligent steals Sally away from Elizabeth and black mails her to find a way to escape and then be able to have Sally. This of course was just too simple, Atlos once with an escape plan black mailed Elizabeth again and even threatened to hurt Sally as he asks the question, ‘Where is the Ace in the Hole?’ Elizabeth must then go out and search for this ‘Ace.’ Ryan however is different, he shows himself as a controversy and portrays his opinions towards Atlos quite aggressive and shows his importance. Leading Elizabeth to fight off two teams of men.

The Story develops a great connection and sense of knowledge on how Big Daddy’s (The monsters who protect the little sisters) were created as well as how their connection towards the little sisters is so unique. Even how the creator formed the conclusion was amazing, eye dropping and just shocking as it connects and ties in so well for the players knowledge with no clashes. This is the finally completion and last instalment which needed to be good and understanding which they did so well.

I truly recommend people watch or play it for themselves who love and enjoy the story and the game play. It is an end to an era of a magnificent structured game which is why I did not completely ruin the story for people.

“I can see all the Doors, And what’s behind all the Doors…Incredibly I see him.” -Elizabeth.


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