Who Controls the Media and Why Does it Matter?

The person, who controls the Media, has control over its user’s opinions and perspectives which in turn they predict and manipulate their views into a lie or focus upon their view of a side.  The Media and Social Media Platforms have control over a vast amount of space on the internet. These Media areas focus upon a target that is either recent or a relevant issue being developed at the time to provide sources that people may view upon and direct them into the area they want them to go or be influenced by this scenario.

By this manipulating behaviour of belief within maybe that of a lie the individuals ideologies are challenged and debated through Social Media Platforms to discuss these sources such as elections, campaigns or views on equality etc. This controversial view of what should and should not be viewed revolves around the world. The Mass Media abuses this power they have over their user’s to work and manipulate their thoughts and perspectives so they can either be on their favour or take their belief.

Whoever owns the most Mass Media areas controls their users and buyers which give them more power and a lot more money. That is why the Australian Communications and Media Authority help provide insurance in diversity and control over the Medias Ownerships.

Image (The Mass Media’s Effect On an Individual)

Who owns the media I use?
I use the two simple Social Media Platforms which are Facebook and Youtube. Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerburg. Youtube is owned by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.

Image (Youtube/Facebook)

What difference does it make?

Each Social Media platform I use all have different ways of projecting their news and style towards their users. It is depending on this style that makes each different and unique to its users which captures their interest.

Facebook captures their audience through the use of a public personal detail social website that is connected to friends, family, co-workers and so forth. It builds upon this structure of society and sharing their views over Facebook to discuss opinions and relevant use to create controversy between people. Facebook would change people’s perspectives by the content and sources they give onto their site to be passed around and viewed by each individual. It also helps people to throw their own opinions on posting and commenting.

While Youtube however is a different method and style all together as it is a Video based platform that focuses on every aspect of the world’s news, events, festivals, lifestyle and plenty more. It posts regular videos that make people influence to do or rethink themselves of various things that they watch or listen to. A change in music, a chance to try
something new or even put out their own perspective through vlogs and comments.

This difference between the Social Media Platforms shows the perspectives of individuals being toyed with and manipulated to view what Mass Media wants them to view.

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One thought on “Who Controls the Media and Why Does it Matter?

  1. Jamie Ashton

    very good topic, we see that even today, large media corporations are taking hold of small businesses. Google buys YouTube for 1.65 billion. Facebook buys Instagram and Skype. we see in this sense that our media is being controlled, bought, and manipulated to show its own point of view. good job with the topic. keep it up!

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