Xbox One Vs Hackers

Anonymous-Legion-Suit-Masks-Guy-Fawkes-Hackers-V-For-Vendetta-Black-Background-702x336 The Xbox One was released as of November last year as evidence has shown a month into its instalment from this article that by the Cyber security firm Kaspersky Labs that “34,000 attacks per day had been made by hackers”. (Makuch, 2013) Hackers are one of the main leading causes of what is affected by Gaming Consoles as it breaks the ‘terms of use agreement’, ‘Code of Conduct’ and ‘Service Agreement’. They can take personal details and bank details if the player is using their credit card to pay annually for their online Xbox Live.

Procedures have been taken to prevent such measures from occurring even during games with cheating, evidence such as the new game ‘Titan Fall’ has released ‘Anti-Cheat’ methods to activate punishments to penalize players. (Griffiths, 2014) This is when the Third party seeking software has been put in place to seek out hackers or cheats during online-multiplayer.

Microsoft recently released news of a reputation system to be put in place for players in three category’s being ‘good player, needs work and bad player.’ Good Players should have no reports or complaints, Needs work after receiving these will receive warnings and encouragement to promote good behaviour. Then if the player continued would fall into the Bad Player they will be penalized by match making pairings and twitch broad casting.

The Xbox One is closed content as the code is not given to its users. I believe if it were an open content form of licensing it would be disadvantaged for these reasons:
– Easier way to Access Players Accounts
– It would be Free (Making workers suffer in containing the servers quality)
– Easier ways to take Games, Movies and Music.
The Xbox Live online system helps to keep closed content of players details secret and safe from all players.

Makuch, E 2013, ‘Huge spike in hacking attempts following Xbox One, PS4 launch,’ Cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab estimates an average of 34,000 attacks per day; 4.6 million total pieces of malware detected so far this year. viewed 28th March 2014, < > Microsoft, 2014, Terms of Use,, viewed 28 March 2014 < >
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