Evil Within maybe Resident Evil 7, Assassin’s Creed 5 and What I recommend

If anyone has played the game ‘Resident Evil,’ from the fourth addition towards the sixth instalment they would be very familiar with the gaming experience within the horror and zombie franchise. The creator Shinji Mikami has released his upcoming project’s gameplay for his survival packed horror game ‘The Evil Within.’ Shinji Mikami has created a sense of incredible detail and tension between the individual characters point of view within the third person perspective. The darkness in the lighting and colour towards the objects in the rooms come across very strong and harsh as it captures us to view the entire screen then just one point or corner.

The game is focused on a male individual who is a detective that may have been caught or taken to a very harsh and dramatic place where several murdered victims hang from the ceiling along with him in the disaster. Your character seems to have been unconscious and your state of mine seems to zoom in and out of focus as you begin to realize where you are. The main enemy is shown without shadows or a voice, standing towards the man with a knife in his hand as he stares at you. With various blood splatters over his body, as well as the metal mask he seems to have locked over his face shows no expression or reaction to you waking. It is a common enemy to be seen in various gore/horror game/movie, but for the purpose and the back ground may show different. The tone and intensity of the voice beside yourself whilst the murderer slaughters and butchers his prey is excruciating and hard to bare when the sound effects of breaking bones and slimy flesh being sliced sent shivers down your spine. Whilst you swing back and forth watching the man cut and slice the body makes you quiver. Your connection into the game leads you curious and nervous as you fight to survive. Even though the features are very similar to ‘Resident Evil,’ as like that of a mark, the creator has done a well out new concept of the horror survival view.

My belief of bringing back some of the old key concepts such as the dramatic music, most unknown times when sounds would go off that push you out of your state of mind leaves you unfocused as well as the concept of lighting and texture within the game itself. Even the slightest movement with the door to create a settle sense of uneasy. A lot of the game seems to lead to something more besides just killing and slaughter as your character reaches for outside and the apocalypse seems to have begun. The question that lays on my mind whilst I watch is ‘How did this begin?’ and ‘Will this story be too similar to Resident Evil?’ It seems awfully too much of a zombie storyline evolving as the first enemy may not be the only one once we see other various enemies such as mutations, zombie like people with several stakes through their limbs even the resemblance to the first enemy with the barbed wire around their faces and lower body parts. But what makes me most curious is within the trailer it shows someone maybe with a power that makes me think what the story will unfold about them and maybe if they are the cause? As well as key clips within the trailer that show mental blanks or cuts leading from one area to another without any harm done to the actual character.

The release date has been issued for Australia for August of this year so keep an eye out!
The leak and trailer have been released for, ‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity.’ Originally there was a picture leaked of the game but then shortly the trailer came out. The views and speculation is that the game will be chosen in France maybe even during the French revolution. The game is meant to be squealed to come out later this year as all Ubisoft ‘Assassin’s Creed’ games have been released each year. As it states in the trailer it will be a next gen game. The scene looks stunning as always and what I’m looking for is how it connects to the last one. Further information will hopefully be released shortly but the game will most likely not be expected till the end of the year.


If I had to recommend a very good and interesting multiplayer game at the moment would be the most common and unexpected game to reach next gen consoles ‘Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.’ ‘Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare’ was originally an app that would be found simply on your smart phone/IPhone/IPod or tablet. It was a game focused on a tower defence method that you could pick and choose where to place or what to place to defend your garden. You could choose from a variety of flowers such as pea shooters, sunflowers, cactus and lots more.

Which is more interesting in the concept of the game however is how detailed and structured the game has become. The game is fun and every challenging yourself round after round, even with a friend by your side you need to fight back the evil Zombies. The game is no longer that of a simple pick and choose game but first person shooter with online capability’s as well as play by yourself to test how far you go. The Zombies are well detailed and the graphics make them stunning even by the sound effects makes it no longer seem like a child’s game but a battle to the death. These Zombies have several powers being medic, solider and lots more. The game can also make you feature different accessories to place upon your character to make you stand out.

‘Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare’ is a first person shooter with the ability to join up with various friends to battle against each other. The game is amazing from its detail down to the gameplay. It’s a well-established game that has gone so far from just an ordinary little app to a game on the Xbox one. So what’s stopping you from picking up a copy and playing it right now?


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