Denotation and Connotation

Focus yourself on the drink, ‘SKYY Vodka’ being the main target. A lot of advertisements for Vodka are controversial and seen in various perspectives. The view of the picture must be Denotation (Signifier) and Connotation. (Signified) The ‘Signifier’ is the view seen on the picture, what is actually there which give meaning or view put across. The ‘Signified’ is the deeper and more in depth view of what the pictures focus or ideas are evoked to mentally be displayed.


  • A man hiding or camouflaged inside the chair.
  • A woman standing over him yet looking directly at him with a focused facial expression.
  • Two Glasses of Martini’s with two olives in both with a clear glimmer and shine to the glasses.
  • The Shaker in the woman’s hand, showing a connection to maybe even the ‘007 movies’ with the famous quote ‘Shaken not stirred.’
  • The buildings displayed in the background representing a high view of where it is located. (Maybe a penthouse or apartment)
  • The man is wearing a black clean suit while the woman portrays herself with a very elegant yet lustful black dress maybe even to define that she is sexually desirable and beautiful.


  • The colour of the purple texture to blend in with the background. The same colour as of the bottle.
  • The colour of the bottle and the background could also demonstrate the view of the title of the bottle being named ‘SKYY’ to represent the outside sky is purple.
  • The man is shadowed or hiding in the chair which has the same colour material as the bottle to maybe enlighten the view that he is ‘intoxicated’ or ‘inside the actual bottle.’
  • The woman’s leg caresses the man’s to define sexual attraction and even with her facial expression to develop a view of desire and lust. Along with her arm stretched out while her fingers gentle place upon the chair, defining this sense of wanting and ‘claiming.’ Leading to speculate the man is desirable.
  • The Martini glasses sparkle and glim to help focus the fact upon the drink.
  • The woman’s desirable sense for the man can go back to the view of where the actual background is set in that of a rich and wealthy background to reflect his structure as well as power.

I believe that the view of the bottle is enticing that, if you drink or buy this drink that the original view of the bottle’s words ‘SKYY’ would mean you are floating on air and demonstrates by the colour of the background a sense that you might as well be consumed in the drink yourself. But it will also promote desire and lust by all women that would want to claim you or want to be with you. As well as the man’s feature it will represent class and over all power of whatever you want.

Elizabeth Powers, Blog, Liz’s Media Criticism Blog, 2012,Skyy Ad Campaign Sells more Than Just Vodka, 26 March 2014 <;


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