Why I believe the new Aliens Game will be Good and is Thief that bad?

I have to say, I am really excited for the new game ‘Alien: Isolation.’ Though there are a lot of negative views on this, I have played ‘Aliens vs predator’ as well as ‘Alien: Colonial Marines’ and this is my view. (February 2010) ‘Aliens vs predator,’ was an amazing game that I loved so much that I couldn’t put down.  You could see both sides of the Aliens perspective and the predators even though both sides were fighting to kill one another. I enjoyed the fact that you could be one or the other and still there would be a difference in ways that thrilled as well as sending shivers down my spine.

These games are meant to be actioned pack along with a chilling horror, darkness to it. The thing that let it down, or believed to have pushed them to their limits was (February 2013)‘Alien: Colonial Marines.’ I believe that the view of why people saw  it so low was by the given fact that ‘You weren’t the Alien or Predator,’ as well as it being a first person shooter rather than an actual horror. It focused on just a simple marine and his back story along with his view of surviving amount of Aliens swarming around them and having the fear of being killed by the Aliens. Yet I liked this fact where the scene would be covered in darkness, only a single sound or a little light on your device could show or listen in to where the alien was. It was thrilling and exciting to play this in the dark though I too think that it was no match to ‘Aliens vs Predator’ but maybe the next one might be…

I am a big fan of the Alien movies, being that I loved the old story line to it where it’s the same story that I also believe has evolved other sci-fi horror games into it being that one space ship, isolated and alone with the shear fact of gore and murder to create mystery and insanity. My example being ‘Dead Space,’ an amazing Horror sci-fi where a fossil has mutated the humans on board creating an amazing backstory which I won’t go too into depth. ‘Alien: Isolation’ is meant to be about the sequel to the original story from the movies. It has such amazing graphics and a better more in depth view of horror, fear, and the uncontrollable nature of the Alien itself. But the biggest and most critical part of the game is that it isn’t a first person shooter but a survival game which will push it to be more successful and more eye popping as many consoles truly don’t have as many horror games as they used to such as ‘Saw,’ or ‘Silent Hill’ as they are now all action packed first person shooters.

The story revolves around Ellen Ripley’s daughter ‘Amanda Ripley’ who has found information of a spaceship she finds and encounters the Alien. Though in the interview given, they state that there is only ‘one alien,’ which brings out the more suspense and unknowingness of what to expect from it as it is continuously going around the spaceship but hopefully we will find out the ‘further enemies’ to the storyline.

Another game out at the moment that I believe some people should give credit to is ‘Thief.’ ‘Thief’ was released in February of this Year. The main characters name is Garrett, a master in his work as a Thief. He is the master of what he does, he takes what he wants when he wants and this is why I love the character behind this very interesting stealth game. An uprising begins and he finds himself in the centre of it all. The uprising is led by citizens whose passion is to take back the city from the main enemy the Baron’s. Garrett must choose whether he should help the citizens or maybe even take advantage of the situation.

The storyline holds a very interesting dark history towards the main character and his interaction with others. I find these connections so interesting on how they all come together though a lot of people are viewing the game as ‘a terror/mistake to the past games.’ The original is called ‘Thief: The Dark Project,’ and the next two games, ‘Thief 2: Metal Age’ and ‘Thief 3: Deadly Shadows.’ The view is that the storyline and view is completely different though it still connects to the older characters. Yet a lot of players have found a key connection towards ‘Thief’ with ‘Dishonoured.’

‘Dishonoured’ was released in October of 2012 which was based off the same basics of a first person stealth originated game.  I have seen ‘Dishonoured’ myself and it does seem to connect the dots and be viewed easier as to expect what to happen or the structure of the game style of crouching, hiding in shadows but that is what both games aim for so there is no doubt that there is the similarities.

Though I truly don’t think people should criticise or disapprove of the game so early as it has potential and is quite an outstanding game. Yet people believe that it should have to do with past games or be a different game then stealth orientated but I think that’s why the developers of the game saw what was being produced and at high demand at the moment and intertwining that with an old reboot to bring back from the past.


Side Note: 
I Apologise very deeply for not posting as I had believed but a lot of personal and family issues came up. Though now it has been all sorted and uni has taken off to a good start for me, expect at least three or four times a week I will talk about something I believe should be discussed, a really interesting new game etc.

Thank you all for viewing. PS: I’ am sorting a few things out with the site so there will be a couple of changes here and there.


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