‘Built By Gamers For Gamers’ (Xbox 2013)

The Xbox is a gaming console that has evolved over the years to become a multimedia based machine. The Xbox was created by Microsoft back in November 15th, 2001. After Xbox was the Xbox 360 formally viewed in May 12th, 2005 but came to Australia in March 26th, 2006 and after 8 years came out the third instalment the Xbox One which was released on the 22nd of November in 2013. The Xbox now has come further with over 13 years’ experience with making two other further evolutions by development and age to create a bigger and more futuristic machine.

Concerns and Issues of the Xbox have originated around the games themselves rather than the immediate console. The basic view is that games are becoming more realistic and more violent which aims for a higher audience though a view seen by this to put it in a simple perspective, ‘The higher the graphics, the higher the rating.’ The rating is the major issue where a lot of games are ranged between the M, MA15+ and R18+. The parents of the children who are viewing or playing these games at younger ages are concerned with the actions, violence, nudity and drug/alcohol use as parents believe that the children will adapt or re-enact these scenarios in real life. For further explanation.
Though Xbox has released their previous console from the end of last year their future potential to build upon an entertainment system still can show an idea of a family built entertainment system later on. We can expect from this machine a way to reconnect with the family more than just the individual gaming perspective. Xbox will continuously evolve to the ever growing media base but it will combine all media devices into one machine which I believe will become, ‘the future of entertainment’.

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