What are the media being blamed for today and is this justified?

Image: Ratings

The media is always being blamed for something and it is ever changing as the world turns. There are positives and are negatives as they show two very different stories.

The media is being blamed at this present time for the constant evolution in gaming. The media is targeted by the parents of children in contact with gaming violence. This interaction is what is being seen as dangerous and lethal to the young minds we have today. This is justified by the interaction with R18+ or MA15+ and even M rated games being played by some children under this age. These games have various scenarios of shooting, killing, bombs and even nudity. Such games as ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ ‘Saints Row,’ and ‘Call of Duty’ is being targeted by these views along with having to be believed creating aggressive compulsive behaviours and somewhat influence children to pass on these behaviours outside their rooms.

Image: Control

These gaming companies have justified what is right for the children by the ratings they give to these games.  It has been stated why these children are influenced and lead them to want the game is because of the popularity or even the view of it being seen as ‘not allowed’ or ‘bad.’ A further study has come into the picture on how these children are impacted by these games. They stated that children become more aggressive and more confrontational to fights with peers and older individuals. (2013, Norcia) By that shouldn’t the parents be viewed as they are the ones allowing the children to rent or buy the game? Even parents should understand that these children should be supervised while playing as the parents do not know what is in the game. The NYU Language Medical Centre plans to help the risk of these children’s influences in how to help the parents improve to acknowledge what the kids are playing and maybe even getting involved to keep a well founded family balance.

Even stories over lap and over think situations as maybe it is not by playing a simply game but by the background of the child’s family, violence within home, people they hang around with and maybe even influenced by alcohol or drugs. It makes you truly think why if the children or the individual is played in this scenario with this background to just target the accessories or activities in which they did to believe that, that was what provoked them.

Image: Children Playing

I really wonder what the ratings of people or views of how many people actually look at ratings or reviews for games or movies for their children rather than the cover or back. My point is that we should not target the media as for movies and games have shown/told the world what is right and wrong but do we care what rating is on a single game/movie?

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2 thoughts on “What are the media being blamed for today and is this justified?

  1. This is great, I like the mention of the rating system used by the media as a protection and a method to prevent exposure to a young age. It demonstrates how the media isn’t to blame.

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