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“Did you miss me? Cortana(Halo)

Hello Internet!
So I miss my dear old Windows Phone 920 which sadly malfunction itself and had to be taken back to Harvey Norman then because it was limited stock I had to buy an entirely knew phone which was the Samsung Galaxy 3. I regret that decision so much now due to news that would come to you maybe as old as it did come from the end of last year. A leak had been released from Microsoft about a new update they were working on. If you are familiar with the game ‘Halo‘ then you must know ‘Cortana’ a character in the game who is voiced by Jen Taylor.
Jen Taylor was asked by Microsoft to help with the new update for the Windows phones requiring her voice. For apple phones they have the personal digital assistant ‘Siri,’ well Microsoft is making one for Windows Phones after ‘Cortana.’During the beginning of next month all Window Phones will need to be updated to get it. She will be able to locate information, personal details, replace ‘Bing’, behaviours, reminders and contact information. You can even customize the name you want her to call you as. (“Chief!”) The design has been released and will look like this:
So the Update is required to come within the start of next month. Get your Windows Phones ready while I keep you up to date on the info. As well as cry myself to sleep wishing my Window Phone was back in my arms as my boyfriend shows off his own to me.


Next News!
Now who remembers during 2011-2012 when due to Australia’s Censorship they began banning games such as Mortal Kombat for a  little while? People had to buy the banned games over the net because no one believed the Censorship would change.  Well that was old news compared to the newest and most popular game out at the moment, ‘South Park: Stick of Truth.‘ The game ‘South Park the Stick of Truth,’ Is based in the town of South Park itself as a role playing game which you can choose between the four characters ‘Mage, Warrior, Jew and Thief.’ You can customize your character and its fighting style is fitted to old style of RPG games but you must be warned as the South Park Game has very many raunchy and unexpected turn of events.
I have to admit I have seen various YouTube clips and reviews which makes me eagerly awaiting to get my hand on a copy.And news has leaked that because of Australia’s Censorship they even were refused a rating twice by Australia due to ‘Anal Probing.’ So they were made to take 7 various scenes out of the game that were 20 seconds each being two of ‘abortion’ and the others ‘Anal Probing.’  Go check it up the game on-line!

And to End it off with a Release Date and A New Game.
‘Watch Dogs’ has finally gotten a release date and hopefully will be as good as it seems. After all this time of anticipation and longing it was said to be brought out back from 2012 they have planted a release date on May 27th. While in other news a new Batman game ‘Batman Arkham Knight’ is to be coming with vary familiar foes in store for the game. Go check out both the trailers and tell me what you think of the up coming games.

Okay to real stuff…
So this is my second blog… I like it but I worry for my spelling and grammar. I’m just so terrible with it.
 So Please Comment or Follow me I love feed back. And Go Keep Playing!
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