Who Controls the Media and Why Does it Matter?

The person, who controls the Media, has control over its user’s opinions and perspectives which in turn they predict and manipulate their views into a lie or focus upon their view of a side.  The Media and Social Media Platforms have control over a vast amount of space on the internet. These Media areas focus upon a target that is either recent or a relevant issue being developed at the time to provide sources that people may view upon and direct them into the area they want them to go or be influenced by this scenario.

By this manipulating behaviour of belief within maybe that of a lie the individuals ideologies are challenged and debated through Social Media Platforms to discuss these sources such as elections, campaigns or views on equality etc. This controversial view of what should and should not be viewed revolves around the world. The Mass Media abuses this power they have over their user’s to work and manipulate their thoughts and perspectives so they can either be on their favour or take their belief.

Whoever owns the most Mass Media areas controls their users and buyers which give them more power and a lot more money. That is why the Australian Communications and Media Authority help provide insurance in diversity and control over the Medias Ownerships.

Image (The Mass Media’s Effect On an Individual)

Who owns the media I use?
I use the two simple Social Media Platforms which are Facebook and Youtube. Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerburg. Youtube is owned by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.

Image (Youtube/Facebook)

What difference does it make?

Each Social Media platform I use all have different ways of projecting their news and style towards their users. It is depending on this style that makes each different and unique to its users which captures their interest.

Facebook captures their audience through the use of a public personal detail social website that is connected to friends, family, co-workers and so forth. It builds upon this structure of society and sharing their views over Facebook to discuss opinions and relevant use to create controversy between people. Facebook would change people’s perspectives by the content and sources they give onto their site to be passed around and viewed by each individual. It also helps people to throw their own opinions on posting and commenting.

While Youtube however is a different method and style all together as it is a Video based platform that focuses on every aspect of the world’s news, events, festivals, lifestyle and plenty more. It posts regular videos that make people influence to do or rethink themselves of various things that they watch or listen to. A change in music, a chance to try
something new or even put out their own perspective through vlogs and comments.

This difference between the Social Media Platforms shows the perspectives of individuals being toyed with and manipulated to view what Mass Media wants them to view.

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Xbox One Vs Hackers

Anonymous-Legion-Suit-Masks-Guy-Fawkes-Hackers-V-For-Vendetta-Black-Background-702x336 The Xbox One was released as of November last year as evidence has shown a month into its instalment from this article that by the Cyber security firm Kaspersky Labs that “34,000 attacks per day had been made by hackers”. (Makuch, 2013) Hackers are one of the main leading causes of what is affected by Gaming Consoles as it breaks the ‘terms of use agreement’, ‘Code of Conduct’ and ‘Service Agreement’. They can take personal details and bank details if the player is using their credit card to pay annually for their online Xbox Live.

Procedures have been taken to prevent such measures from occurring even during games with cheating, evidence such as the new game ‘Titan Fall’ has released ‘Anti-Cheat’ methods to activate punishments to penalize players. (Griffiths, 2014) This is when the Third party seeking software has been put in place to seek out hackers or cheats during online-multiplayer.

Microsoft recently released news of a reputation system to be put in place for players in three category’s being ‘good player, needs work and bad player.’ Good Players should have no reports or complaints, Needs work after receiving these will receive warnings and encouragement to promote good behaviour. Then if the player continued would fall into the Bad Player they will be penalized by match making pairings and twitch broad casting.

The Xbox One is closed content as the code is not given to its users. I believe if it were an open content form of licensing it would be disadvantaged for these reasons:
– Easier way to Access Players Accounts
– It would be Free (Making workers suffer in containing the servers quality)
– Easier ways to take Games, Movies and Music.
The Xbox Live online system helps to keep closed content of players details secret and safe from all players.

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Evil Within maybe Resident Evil 7, Assassin’s Creed 5 and What I recommend

If anyone has played the game ‘Resident Evil,’ from the fourth addition towards the sixth instalment they would be very familiar with the gaming experience within the horror and zombie franchise. The creator Shinji Mikami has released his upcoming project’s gameplay for his survival packed horror game ‘The Evil Within.’ Shinji Mikami has created a sense of incredible detail and tension between the individual characters point of view within the third person perspective. The darkness in the lighting and colour towards the objects in the rooms come across very strong and harsh as it captures us to view the entire screen then just one point or corner.

The game is focused on a male individual who is a detective that may have been caught or taken to a very harsh and dramatic place where several murdered victims hang from the ceiling along with him in the disaster. Your character seems to have been unconscious and your state of mine seems to zoom in and out of focus as you begin to realize where you are. The main enemy is shown without shadows or a voice, standing towards the man with a knife in his hand as he stares at you. With various blood splatters over his body, as well as the metal mask he seems to have locked over his face shows no expression or reaction to you waking. It is a common enemy to be seen in various gore/horror game/movie, but for the purpose and the back ground may show different. The tone and intensity of the voice beside yourself whilst the murderer slaughters and butchers his prey is excruciating and hard to bare when the sound effects of breaking bones and slimy flesh being sliced sent shivers down your spine. Whilst you swing back and forth watching the man cut and slice the body makes you quiver. Your connection into the game leads you curious and nervous as you fight to survive. Even though the features are very similar to ‘Resident Evil,’ as like that of a mark, the creator has done a well out new concept of the horror survival view.

My belief of bringing back some of the old key concepts such as the dramatic music, most unknown times when sounds would go off that push you out of your state of mind leaves you unfocused as well as the concept of lighting and texture within the game itself. Even the slightest movement with the door to create a settle sense of uneasy. A lot of the game seems to lead to something more besides just killing and slaughter as your character reaches for outside and the apocalypse seems to have begun. The question that lays on my mind whilst I watch is ‘How did this begin?’ and ‘Will this story be too similar to Resident Evil?’ It seems awfully too much of a zombie storyline evolving as the first enemy may not be the only one once we see other various enemies such as mutations, zombie like people with several stakes through their limbs even the resemblance to the first enemy with the barbed wire around their faces and lower body parts. But what makes me most curious is within the trailer it shows someone maybe with a power that makes me think what the story will unfold about them and maybe if they are the cause? As well as key clips within the trailer that show mental blanks or cuts leading from one area to another without any harm done to the actual character.

The release date has been issued for Australia for August of this year so keep an eye out!
The leak and trailer have been released for, ‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity.’ Originally there was a picture leaked of the game but then shortly the trailer came out. The views and speculation is that the game will be chosen in France maybe even during the French revolution. The game is meant to be squealed to come out later this year as all Ubisoft ‘Assassin’s Creed’ games have been released each year. As it states in the trailer it will be a next gen game. The scene looks stunning as always and what I’m looking for is how it connects to the last one. Further information will hopefully be released shortly but the game will most likely not be expected till the end of the year.


If I had to recommend a very good and interesting multiplayer game at the moment would be the most common and unexpected game to reach next gen consoles ‘Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.’ ‘Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare’ was originally an app that would be found simply on your smart phone/IPhone/IPod or tablet. It was a game focused on a tower defence method that you could pick and choose where to place or what to place to defend your garden. You could choose from a variety of flowers such as pea shooters, sunflowers, cactus and lots more.

Which is more interesting in the concept of the game however is how detailed and structured the game has become. The game is fun and every challenging yourself round after round, even with a friend by your side you need to fight back the evil Zombies. The game is no longer that of a simple pick and choose game but first person shooter with online capability’s as well as play by yourself to test how far you go. The Zombies are well detailed and the graphics make them stunning even by the sound effects makes it no longer seem like a child’s game but a battle to the death. These Zombies have several powers being medic, solider and lots more. The game can also make you feature different accessories to place upon your character to make you stand out.

‘Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare’ is a first person shooter with the ability to join up with various friends to battle against each other. The game is amazing from its detail down to the gameplay. It’s a well-established game that has gone so far from just an ordinary little app to a game on the Xbox one. So what’s stopping you from picking up a copy and playing it right now?

Denotation and Connotation

Focus yourself on the drink, ‘SKYY Vodka’ being the main target. A lot of advertisements for Vodka are controversial and seen in various perspectives. The view of the picture must be Denotation (Signifier) and Connotation. (Signified) The ‘Signifier’ is the view seen on the picture, what is actually there which give meaning or view put across. The ‘Signified’ is the deeper and more in depth view of what the pictures focus or ideas are evoked to mentally be displayed.


  • A man hiding or camouflaged inside the chair.
  • A woman standing over him yet looking directly at him with a focused facial expression.
  • Two Glasses of Martini’s with two olives in both with a clear glimmer and shine to the glasses.
  • The Shaker in the woman’s hand, showing a connection to maybe even the ‘007 movies’ with the famous quote ‘Shaken not stirred.’
  • The buildings displayed in the background representing a high view of where it is located. (Maybe a penthouse or apartment)
  • The man is wearing a black clean suit while the woman portrays herself with a very elegant yet lustful black dress maybe even to define that she is sexually desirable and beautiful.


  • The colour of the purple texture to blend in with the background. The same colour as of the bottle.
  • The colour of the bottle and the background could also demonstrate the view of the title of the bottle being named ‘SKYY’ to represent the outside sky is purple.
  • The man is shadowed or hiding in the chair which has the same colour material as the bottle to maybe enlighten the view that he is ‘intoxicated’ or ‘inside the actual bottle.’
  • The woman’s leg caresses the man’s to define sexual attraction and even with her facial expression to develop a view of desire and lust. Along with her arm stretched out while her fingers gentle place upon the chair, defining this sense of wanting and ‘claiming.’ Leading to speculate the man is desirable.
  • The Martini glasses sparkle and glim to help focus the fact upon the drink.
  • The woman’s desirable sense for the man can go back to the view of where the actual background is set in that of a rich and wealthy background to reflect his structure as well as power.

I believe that the view of the bottle is enticing that, if you drink or buy this drink that the original view of the bottle’s words ‘SKYY’ would mean you are floating on air and demonstrates by the colour of the background a sense that you might as well be consumed in the drink yourself. But it will also promote desire and lust by all women that would want to claim you or want to be with you. As well as the man’s feature it will represent class and over all power of whatever you want.

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Why I believe the new Aliens Game will be Good and is Thief that bad?

I have to say, I am really excited for the new game ‘Alien: Isolation.’ Though there are a lot of negative views on this, I have played ‘Aliens vs predator’ as well as ‘Alien: Colonial Marines’ and this is my view. (February 2010) ‘Aliens vs predator,’ was an amazing game that I loved so much that I couldn’t put down.  You could see both sides of the Aliens perspective and the predators even though both sides were fighting to kill one another. I enjoyed the fact that you could be one or the other and still there would be a difference in ways that thrilled as well as sending shivers down my spine.

These games are meant to be actioned pack along with a chilling horror, darkness to it. The thing that let it down, or believed to have pushed them to their limits was (February 2013)‘Alien: Colonial Marines.’ I believe that the view of why people saw  it so low was by the given fact that ‘You weren’t the Alien or Predator,’ as well as it being a first person shooter rather than an actual horror. It focused on just a simple marine and his back story along with his view of surviving amount of Aliens swarming around them and having the fear of being killed by the Aliens. Yet I liked this fact where the scene would be covered in darkness, only a single sound or a little light on your device could show or listen in to where the alien was. It was thrilling and exciting to play this in the dark though I too think that it was no match to ‘Aliens vs Predator’ but maybe the next one might be…

I am a big fan of the Alien movies, being that I loved the old story line to it where it’s the same story that I also believe has evolved other sci-fi horror games into it being that one space ship, isolated and alone with the shear fact of gore and murder to create mystery and insanity. My example being ‘Dead Space,’ an amazing Horror sci-fi where a fossil has mutated the humans on board creating an amazing backstory which I won’t go too into depth. ‘Alien: Isolation’ is meant to be about the sequel to the original story from the movies. It has such amazing graphics and a better more in depth view of horror, fear, and the uncontrollable nature of the Alien itself. But the biggest and most critical part of the game is that it isn’t a first person shooter but a survival game which will push it to be more successful and more eye popping as many consoles truly don’t have as many horror games as they used to such as ‘Saw,’ or ‘Silent Hill’ as they are now all action packed first person shooters.

The story revolves around Ellen Ripley’s daughter ‘Amanda Ripley’ who has found information of a spaceship she finds and encounters the Alien. Though in the interview given, they state that there is only ‘one alien,’ which brings out the more suspense and unknowingness of what to expect from it as it is continuously going around the spaceship but hopefully we will find out the ‘further enemies’ to the storyline.

Another game out at the moment that I believe some people should give credit to is ‘Thief.’ ‘Thief’ was released in February of this Year. The main characters name is Garrett, a master in his work as a Thief. He is the master of what he does, he takes what he wants when he wants and this is why I love the character behind this very interesting stealth game. An uprising begins and he finds himself in the centre of it all. The uprising is led by citizens whose passion is to take back the city from the main enemy the Baron’s. Garrett must choose whether he should help the citizens or maybe even take advantage of the situation.

The storyline holds a very interesting dark history towards the main character and his interaction with others. I find these connections so interesting on how they all come together though a lot of people are viewing the game as ‘a terror/mistake to the past games.’ The original is called ‘Thief: The Dark Project,’ and the next two games, ‘Thief 2: Metal Age’ and ‘Thief 3: Deadly Shadows.’ The view is that the storyline and view is completely different though it still connects to the older characters. Yet a lot of players have found a key connection towards ‘Thief’ with ‘Dishonoured.’

‘Dishonoured’ was released in October of 2012 which was based off the same basics of a first person stealth originated game.  I have seen ‘Dishonoured’ myself and it does seem to connect the dots and be viewed easier as to expect what to happen or the structure of the game style of crouching, hiding in shadows but that is what both games aim for so there is no doubt that there is the similarities.

Though I truly don’t think people should criticise or disapprove of the game so early as it has potential and is quite an outstanding game. Yet people believe that it should have to do with past games or be a different game then stealth orientated but I think that’s why the developers of the game saw what was being produced and at high demand at the moment and intertwining that with an old reboot to bring back from the past.


Side Note: 
I Apologise very deeply for not posting as I had believed but a lot of personal and family issues came up. Though now it has been all sorted and uni has taken off to a good start for me, expect at least three or four times a week I will talk about something I believe should be discussed, a really interesting new game etc.

Thank you all for viewing. PS: I’ am sorting a few things out with the site so there will be a couple of changes here and there.

‘Built By Gamers For Gamers’ (Xbox 2013)

The Xbox is a gaming console that has evolved over the years to become a multimedia based machine. The Xbox was created by Microsoft back in November 15th, 2001. After Xbox was the Xbox 360 formally viewed in May 12th, 2005 but came to Australia in March 26th, 2006 and after 8 years came out the third instalment the Xbox One which was released on the 22nd of November in 2013. The Xbox now has come further with over 13 years’ experience with making two other further evolutions by development and age to create a bigger and more futuristic machine.

Concerns and Issues of the Xbox have originated around the games themselves rather than the immediate console. The basic view is that games are becoming more realistic and more violent which aims for a higher audience though a view seen by this to put it in a simple perspective, ‘The higher the graphics, the higher the rating.’ The rating is the major issue where a lot of games are ranged between the M, MA15+ and R18+. The parents of the children who are viewing or playing these games at younger ages are concerned with the actions, violence, nudity and drug/alcohol use as parents believe that the children will adapt or re-enact these scenarios in real life. For further explanation.
Though Xbox has released their previous console from the end of last year their future potential to build upon an entertainment system still can show an idea of a family built entertainment system later on. We can expect from this machine a way to reconnect with the family more than just the individual gaming perspective. Xbox will continuously evolve to the ever growing media base but it will combine all media devices into one machine which I believe will become, ‘the future of entertainment’.

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What are the media being blamed for today and is this justified?

Image: Ratings

The media is always being blamed for something and it is ever changing as the world turns. There are positives and are negatives as they show two very different stories.

The media is being blamed at this present time for the constant evolution in gaming. The media is targeted by the parents of children in contact with gaming violence. This interaction is what is being seen as dangerous and lethal to the young minds we have today. This is justified by the interaction with R18+ or MA15+ and even M rated games being played by some children under this age. These games have various scenarios of shooting, killing, bombs and even nudity. Such games as ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ ‘Saints Row,’ and ‘Call of Duty’ is being targeted by these views along with having to be believed creating aggressive compulsive behaviours and somewhat influence children to pass on these behaviours outside their rooms.

Image: Control

These gaming companies have justified what is right for the children by the ratings they give to these games.  It has been stated why these children are influenced and lead them to want the game is because of the popularity or even the view of it being seen as ‘not allowed’ or ‘bad.’ A further study has come into the picture on how these children are impacted by these games. They stated that children become more aggressive and more confrontational to fights with peers and older individuals. (2013, Norcia) By that shouldn’t the parents be viewed as they are the ones allowing the children to rent or buy the game? Even parents should understand that these children should be supervised while playing as the parents do not know what is in the game. The NYU Language Medical Centre plans to help the risk of these children’s influences in how to help the parents improve to acknowledge what the kids are playing and maybe even getting involved to keep a well founded family balance.

Even stories over lap and over think situations as maybe it is not by playing a simply game but by the background of the child’s family, violence within home, people they hang around with and maybe even influenced by alcohol or drugs. It makes you truly think why if the children or the individual is played in this scenario with this background to just target the accessories or activities in which they did to believe that, that was what provoked them.

Image: Children Playing

I really wonder what the ratings of people or views of how many people actually look at ratings or reviews for games or movies for their children rather than the cover or back. My point is that we should not target the media as for movies and games have shown/told the world what is right and wrong but do we care what rating is on a single game/movie?

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